Organizational Development

Management is responsible for keeping the organization focused on a common goal. This requires a sound internal organizational structure, well-defined operational processes and a capable workforce. The goal of Organizational Development (OD) is to better organize every aspect of the company by solving internal problems. This leads to a healthy and profitable business that fully utilizes and acknowledges the potential of the workforce. In this manner, business goals are met in a motivating, rewarding and engaging working environment.

Organizational Development (OD) consultants gather and analyze data to assess a current situation that needs improvement. After the assessment of the current situation, suggestions for improvement result into a new design of the situation. The implementation of this design transits the organization from the current into the desired situation, improving overall organization. During all stages of the project, the OD consultant facilitates a bird’s-eye view while working closely together with the executive managers and the employees.

Maysha Lin Collective offers advice and support in the following disciplines of Organizational Development Consultancy.

[title type=”h1″ class=”tfuse”]Work Process Analysis[/title]
Every business has a wide range of work processes executed by employees in one office or spread out over different offices all over the world. Especially within international SME’s in China, it is not uncommon to have the HQ in Europe or the USA with operations on the ground in China. One might also be dealing with sales and marketing offices located in various places. Work processes are the sequences of tasks that employees are required to do in order to ensure a smooth running operation. Often people work together with colleagues in other departments in the same office and/or overseas offices. Together they perform and fulfill the life-cycle of a work process. It is important for employees to have a clear idea of the work process they are part of, including the importance of their work within the whole business operation and how this contributes to the mission and goals of the company.

Organizational Development consultants assessthe work processes in an organization. They identify the bottlenecks, (re-) design processes and implements them to improve effectiveness and efficiency, The human factor is crucial during these changes, and OD consultants help employees adjust their manner of thinking and working in order to improve or modify performance. Work process analysis and (re-) design lead to a growing business, while at the same time increase employee satisfaction levels.

We assess, (re) design, implement, test and monitor work processes within your organization and manage the change for your employees.

[title type=”h1″ class=”tfuse”]Internal Communication[/title]

Internal communication is a continuous process in an organization in which verbal and non-verbal exchange of information happens between the top-level and (groups of) individuals. It’s one of the most crucial but heavily underrated processes within a company. Research has shown that investing consciously in internal communication skills of executives, mid-level management and employees will increase effectiveness and efficiency in the business operations allowing the company to expand its business and grow rapidly. However, poor internal communication can lead to a multitude of disadvantages for a business ranging from dissatisfied key employees contributing to high turnover of personnel, bottlenecks in communication flows resulting in the inability to seize opportunities as soon as they arise, or poor executive decisions negatively impacting the business operations.

We assess, (re) design, implement, test and monitor improved internal communication processes within your organization and manage the change for your employees.