Role Analysis and Profiling

How well-defined are the job roles of your team members? How well do you and they know what their tasks and responsibilities exactly are? What are the competences (skills, knowledge and characteristics) they need to apply to perform their work to the standard the company expects? Does the manager even know this?

Many companies do not go beyond the job description in the vacancies they post to describe and define a specific job role. However, role analysis and profiling provide detailed descriptions of the role outlining the position within the organization and the required competences. This is a great help during the recruitment of the person for this position. You will know exactly what candidates are eligible and what kind of person you are looking for if you can form yourself an image of the perfect candidate. In order to do so, analyzing and profiling the role are of great importance.

After the hiring, the Position Profile contributes to assessing and monitoring the performance of your employee, addressing the learning points and the strong points which are useful for the professional development of the employee. In turn, this positively contributes to retention of key employees.

We conduct in-depth role analysis and role profiling to create Position Profiles of job roles.
The Position Profile includes but is not limited to:


  • Summary of the position;
  • Tasks and responsibilities in detail;
  • Objectives and goals;
  • Position within the organization;
  • Minimal work experience and degree;
  • Cognitive competences: Knowledge;
  • Functional competences: Abilities and skills;
  • Social competences: Personal attributes.