Recruitment, Selection and Retention

Recruitment is the act of finding candidates to fill an open job vacancy in the company. This includes knowing the avenues and platforms where to find the kind of people you are looking for, excellent interviewing skills to find out if the candidate is your desired employee and sound background checking. After this comes the negotation process to woo the candidate on-board of your organization.

Selection plays a crucial role during the whole recruitment process. What CVs do you find suitable for the position? Who are you going to invite for an interview and according to what criteria is the candidate judged upon? How many interview rounds should there be for a certain position?

Retention of good staff is one of the most important and difficult challenges for any manager in charge of staff. Especially in smaller enterprises who cannot offer a well-established brand name on the CV of a talented young professional, or the most competitive salary in the industry. However, working for smaller companies has many advantages most people don’t realize. As a manager of a small team you can offer ample opportunities and advantages that builds loyalty and dedidaction among your key staff members.

We offer services to improve your recruitment, selection and retention processes and programs.
These services include but are not limited to:


  • Conducting the first screenings of CV and interviews and present a shortlist of candidates for the client;
  • Providing CV review training for non-HR executives and managers;
  • Providing high-level interview skills training for non-HR executives and managers;
  • Conducting assessments and analyses of the turnover rate of personnel;
  • Designing tailored retention programs for key employees.