Professional Development

One of the keys to retention of employees, especially within a small organization, is to offer a clear professional development plan. Professional development includes improving skills and enhancing knowledge for personal development and career advancement. In a solid professional development plan all learning points of the employee are listed, how these points can be improved over what time frame and how they are monitored on improvements. The learning points are directly linked to competences of the employee required for the role s/he currently performs and any potential future roles within the company.

We assist in designing and implementing professional development plans for employees.

With the help of a tailored Performance Evaluation and Professional Development (PEPD) Matrix, managers can continuously encourage and enable professional development. This is the key to each employee’s success and is extremely beneficial for the company as it contributes heavily to retention of staff, better job performance, higher levels of employee satisfaction and greater service/product quality.

[row_box class=”box box_gray quoteBox-big”]Maysha Lin’s Collective has designed the Performance Evaluation Professional Development (PEPD) Matrix to assist managers in developing professional development plans for each employee. The PEPD matrix is uniquely designed for every key role in the company and is a hands-on tool for managers to identify, improve and monitor employee’s competences progress. The PEPD matrix provides input for performance evaluation sessions as well. [/row_box]