Performance Evaluation

Performance evaluation is a key component of employee development and organizational improvement. Its objective is to provide the employee and manager/employer an opportunity to discuss the job performance, set goals for professional development and discuss expectations, achievements and learning points. Performance evaluations are conducted regularly on fixed dates to give the assessment a significant role in the company. Dependent on the industry and role, the evaluations are performed annually, bi-anually or every three months.

We assist in designing and implementing tailored performance evaluation structures and processes.

We believe firmly in the self-insight and self-awareness of the employees. Therefore in our methods self-assessments play an important role during the performance evaluation sessions. The self-assessments are compared to the assessments of the employee’s supervisor/managers. In this manner, a fair and balanced performance evaluation session is secured. The supervisors/managers are also trained in using the PEPD matrices to assess an employee’s performance, to identify the learning and strong points of the employee and to monitor the improvement of the performance.

[row_box class=”box box_gray quoteBox-big”]Maysha Lin’s Collective has designed the Performance Evaluation Professional Development (PEPD) Matrix to assist managers in performance evaluation and professional development. The PEPD matrix is uniquely designed for every key role in the company and is a hands-on tool for managers to identify, monitor and improve employee’s competences. The PEPD matrix provides input for the design of professional employee development plans as well. [/row_box]