Employee Satisfaction Survey

Team managers, general managers, directors e.a. should always be interested in how satisfied their staff members are with the company and the work they perform. Work takes up a huge amount of time in a human life. If one is not satisfied with his/her professional life, it can lead to a high level of unproductiveness, procrastination, negativity and demotivation not limited to just the work place. Conducting employee satisfaction surveys is a good tool to gather data on the level of satisfaction within your organization. This can be done anonymously within larger corporations but for smaller enterprises a different approach is needed.

We conduct personal employee satisfaction surveys and facilitate constructive conversations between employee and employer.

Our method includes online surveys, follow up interviews and key employee reports. With the approval of the employee, a final report is send to his/her senior to create a constructive conversation from which both parties will benefit. Our philosophy insists on openness and transparency. We believe strongly in internal communication, addressing and discussing issues in a friendly and open environment. For employees it is less threatening to express their thoughts and emotions to a third objective party who supports and thinks along with how to create a constructive conversation with management. Employee satisfaction surveys provide management with the insights to build better employee relations and a positive work environment by attaining a better understanding of the employee’s motivations, incentives, feelings and behaviour.