Maysha Lin’s collective of professional consultants offer services in the areas of Human Resource Management, Organizational Development and Training and Coaching.

Human Resource Management
Human Resource Management is all about people. Without proper management, it’s not easy building trust and loyalty with your staff and operating your business successfully. Human Resource Management consists of aspects, many of which startups and SMEs might not be aware.

The services we offer are tailored for startups and small enterprises who have a significant number of staff in their offices but cannot yet maintain a fulltime HR department to implement and manage the HRM processes and systems.

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Organizational Development
Management is responsible for keeping the organization focused on a common goal. This requires a sound organizational structure and well-defined operational processes. Organizational Development consultants assess the work processes in an organization. They identify the bottlenecks, (re-)design and implement processes to improve effectiveness and efficiency. This contributes to a growing business and also increases key employee satisfaction levels.

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Training and Coaching
Every individual has the desire to develop him/herself personally and professionally. Through training and coaching, everyone can improve existing skills and learn new skills in any area of interest. Next to this, every individual can acquire a better insight in him/herself and a better understanding in human interactions in general. This contributes to respectful, personal management and communication styles and the ability to increase people’s work satisfaction level.

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